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Choosing a financial services partner isn’t easy. That’s why we started Midwest Financial Group―a full-service, independent financial firm dedicated to serving all your individual and small business needs.


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And we do it all. Whether you are looking for help with individual financial planning, investments, retirement planning, tax planning, accounting services, a Medicare health plan―or even small business services such as accounting, benefits administration, as well as Virtual CFO Solutions ―we have specialists in each area who are eager to help you save the time, energy, hassle, and expense of managing these components separately.



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First, let’s start by uncovering the most common mistake in estate planning… Surprisingly, this frequently made mistake might already be on your doorstep. A staggering number of people haven’t yet started an estate plan. It’s a critical oversight that can have far-reaching implications, but this isn’t the only pitfall that can disrupt your planning efforts. Here’s a breakdown of 4 estate planning missteps and how to fix them: Mistake #1: Neglecting to Update Your Estate...
A power of attorney (POA) can grant you certain authority and specific responsibilities. While the extent and limitations of POAs can vary based on many factors, stepping into the role of power of attorney can be unlike anything else. That’s because it puts you in the driver’s seat to make key decisions and oversee vital needs for someone else. That doesn’t mean that POAs come with carte-blanche powers or that one power of attorney will mirror another. Explaining how POAs work, this guide shares more fundamentals, detailing some common types of powers of attorney and the responsibilities you may have as an agent of one of these devices.
How many years will your retirement last? What are the chances you’ll live past 90? Most of us answer those questions wrong because we don’t have strong longevity literacy. 1 That means that about 81% of us 1 aren’t working with a viable understanding of our own life expectancy. Let’s explore how understanding longevity could create a positive impact in your retirement planning. What is longevity literacy? Longevity literacy refers to your knowledge about expected...

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