Putting Your Best Interests First!

Do you feel your financial professional is making sure to put YOUR best interests ahead of their own–are they a CertifiedFinancial Fiduciary®?

They should be.

Midwest Financial Group’s entire advisor team are all Certified Financial Fiduciaries® Too often today people claiming to be financial advisors are just product salespeople. We are planners.

Just as you cannot reach an unknown destination without a road map or guidance, it is often only by chance that someone reaches financial success without a plan. We believe every client should have a written financial plan. It is key to helping make sure you retire comfortably and stay comfortably retired.

Certified Financial Fiduciary®
Financial Planner

Certified Financial Fiduciary®
Financial Planner

Certified Financial Fiduciary®
Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor
Financial Planner

Certified Financial Fiduciary®
Financial Planner


What is a Fiduciary and why is it important that I work with one?

Federal pension and tax law protects investors by imposing fundamental standards on their investment advisers. Individuals and firms that are held to these standards are called "fiduciaries." The Department of Labor states that fiduciaries are required to act impartially and provide advice that is in their clients' best interest.

Additionally, fiduciaries are not permitted to receive payments creating conflicts of interest unless they comply with certain conditions of exemption that minimize the effects of a conflict. Choosing a Certified Financial Fiduciary® as your advisor is important because, under the DOL’s regulatory package, the NACFF Code of Conduct, and the strict guidelines of the NACFF, they are required to give you advice that is in your best interest, not their own.

What is a Certified Financial Fiduciary?

Certified Financial Fiduciary® is a professional designation for financial professionals, namely those who have successfully completed a rigorous certification and training process established by NACFF and AFEA (The American Financial Education Alliance), and who agree to uphold the highest moral, ethical, and fiduciary standards of service when providing investment advice to potential and existing clients.

What makes Certified Financial Fiduciary different than other designations that claim to include being a fiduciary?

Certified Financial Fiduciary was designed to specifically address what it means to be a financial fiduciary. Each designee must complete extensive training and subject matter that covers the origination of the fiduciary rules established by ERISA and what the fiduciary standards are today.

There is no other designation training that focuses solely on the understanding of being the best fiduciary one can be. We have found this to be one of the most important concerns potential and existing clients have: "Are you working in my best interest or yours?" For these reasons and many more, the Certified Financial Fiduciary designation stands apart from all the rest.