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Three Steps to Your Personalized Financial Plan.

So much of financial planning depends on your personal values. As we assess your needs and help you chart a course for financial independence, we like to start by asking: “What’s important to you?” Whatever it is that defines who you are, our individual financial planning specialists will keep those core values front and center as they work with you to develop your customized plan.

  1. We meet in-person to discuss your goals. The first step to any successful financial plan is listening. That’s why we start by having a face-to-face conversation so we know what’s important to you.
  2. We create your custom financial plan. Next, we create your very own personalized financial plan, taking into consideration all of your current and possible future needs. It will include specific strategies for achieving your goals and address any specific concerns you may have.
  3. We help you bring the plan to life.

We meet again to discuss and revise your plan based on your comfort level and feedback. We continue to meet regularly to help ensure that you stay on the path to your retirement goals, suggesting additional strategies from our full suite of services if need be. Most importantly, our individual financial planning specialists are available for you whenever you need them, every step of the way. As your full-service financial partner, we do more for you―and you can depend on us to be an active partner in building your wealth.

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Expert Investment Managers. Expertly Managed Portfolios.

As part of our comprehensive strategy to align your finances with your hopes, dreams, goals, and objectives, we offer highly customized, actively managed investment portfolios.

Managed accounts are individual portfolios of stocks, bonds, cash, and other securities managed by professional, institutional-quality money managers. At Midwest Financial Group, our investment portfolio specialists work with you to customize your plan according to your values, excluding stocks of specific companies that may conflict with your personal beliefs or other holdings.

When you choose Midwest Financial Group to manage your investment portfolio, you get:

  • Access to institutional money managers whose experience and knowledge is typically reserved for very wealthy investors and institutions.
  • Broad diversification across multiple asset classes and investment styles, helping you pursue your financial goals prudently while attempting to minimize risk.
  • Tax efficiency through year-round tax harvesting, which allows you to offset realized capital gains and other income and potentially improve your overall tax situation.
  • Convenient access to your account information with one statement, one performance report, and the ability to view your account information online 24/7.

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Design a Retirement Plan for Today. For Tomorrow. For Life.

No matter what your age, retirement planning is an essential part of your overall financial plan―and it’s one of our specialties. Let our dedicated retirement specialists help you make decisions today that will directly improve your quality of life in the future.


Work with one of our Fiduciaries to Leave a Lasting Legacy

Midwest Financial Group can assist with a critical piece of the long-term planning puzzle—ensuring your family’s financial future by helping you devise an estate plan. While it may not be at the top of your “to-do” list today, an estate plan can play a vital role in your family’s financial future.

A properly planned estate can:

  • Help protect the assets you’ve accumulated
  • Help ensure your assets pass on to your beneficiaries as you intended
  • Enable faster transfer of assets by avoiding or at least accelerating probate
  • Help minimize estate taxes and unnecessary expenses

Working with your attorney and accountant, or one we can refer you to, we will coordinate and implement your family wealth plan and address these questions:

  • Is your plan up to date?
  • Have you planned properly for the possibility of a family member’s incapacitation?
  • Have you considered setting up a living trust?
  • Have your adult children planned their own estates?
  • If you are a business owner, have you planned for the appropriate transfer of business assets?



If any of these needs sound familiar, let’s create a customized solution for you, and let’s create that solution together.