Investor360 allows you electronic access to the same information we do when managing your accounts!

With Investor360, you can:

  • See your account balances and a detailed position breakdown for each account as of any date range, including accounts not held with us.
  • View balances, positions, and performance for all your accounts held with us.
  • Check on recent transactions within your accounts.
  • Link to other accounts, such as your spouse’s or children’s, held with us  (restrictions may apply, contact us for details.)
  • Review important facts, such as your account setup and account information, listed beneficiaries, and other named individuals.
  • View important paperwork our office has shared with you in a secure document vault.
  • Eliminate paper statements and view or download current and historical account statements and trade confirms online.
  • Get real-time price quotes and charts for traded securities.
  • Aggregate all of your accounts (bank, 401k, outside held assets) to see your information in one place.
  • Utilize the mobile app to view your account information on the go


Investor360 works with today’s most popular internet browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari (for Macintosh), and Chrome. Simply log on, point and click to manage, monitor, and navigate within your accounts however you like.

The mobile app makes it easier for you to view your account information on the go.  You can download the app directly from the Apple App Store (for Apple devices) or Google Play (for Android devices.)

Once you’ve submitted the enrollment form, search ‘Investor360’ and follow the prompts to add the app to your smartphone or tablet.


Simply complete the form below to enroll and one of our team members will contact you with your temporary password.



You can link your accounts held at outside financial institutions to Investor360, including investment, banking, loan, credit card, and insurance accounts. To do so, you will need to provide the login credentials for the websites of the financial institutions where the outside accounts are held, allowing Commonwealth to update account values automatically through a nightly feed. Note: Account data is managed solely by you, advisors cannot add, edit or remove accounts entered.

How to add additional assets:

1. Log into Investor360
2. You may choose from popular institutions displayed on the bottom of the screen or filter the list by entering a financial institution name in the input field (Request new institution at the bottom of the page if unavailable)
3. Once the asset appears at the bottom of the screen, click the URL below the name to ensure that the correct website launches
4. To select an institution, return to the Investor360 Additional Assets dashboard, hover over the institution’s name, and click the blue check box that appears
5. Click Prepare at the bottom to add the account to your dashboard
6. Click Back to Accounts. The site should now appear in the dashboard with a status of Ready (i.e. ready to sync)
7. Click Ready to enter the account credentials and sync the account

If you have any issues or see a yellow triangle while trying to sync an account, please call our office for troubleshooting, (608) 807-4775.